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Pocket apk download is a very popular app in all over the world. Pocket apk download is used to save your sensitive data such as bank account details, ATM password, and internet banking password etc on your phone and secure from unauthorized access. You can also store other types of data that are articles, novels, news stories, blogs, recipes, videos, and other web contents. You keep your all data in one place as a pocket so that you are able to view this data anytime and anywhere when necessary. You can also organize the data and share with your friends according to your requirements. If the data present in the Pocket apk download then you can use in offline mode. So there is no need of internet connection to access the data which is present in the Pocket. The first version of this Apk is 4.1.2 and the latest version is as pocket.apk.

How to download pocket?

This Apk is compatible with Android 4.0.3 & up versions, iPad, iPhone etc. It has many steps that follow as: -
Step 1: - Firstly you need “Google Play Store” or “App Store” to download this app on phone devices.

Step 2: - Then open these store and go to the search bar and type “Pocket”.

Step 3: - Then click on the install button and it will be started to install in your phone device.

Step 4: - After the completion of installation, you can open this app and you are able to store the data on your phone.


There are many features of Pocket apk that are mentioned below: -
Save the Data: - You can save any type of data that you find from online or from your favorite apps in this app.

View Anywhere: - The data save in the pocket apk Download can view anywhere when you travel, commute etc. It is synced across your phone, computer, and tablet.

Secure Your Information: - Pocket apk download provides the facility of security. People store their sensitive data in their phones but sometimes they lose their phones. So confidential data can be seen by anyone. But when you use Pocket Apk, your data is saved in encrypted form by using AES-256 Industry Standard. So you have the only authority to see this data through a master password. So if you lost your phone then your data will be secured. If you want to give extra security to your data then this app doesn’t store your master password locally on the device. It uses another technique SHA-512 hash. So pocket automatically locks your data after a timeout period and clears the clipboard.

Better Viewing Experience: - It offers beautiful layout so that you can easily view the stored data such as read articles, watching videos etc. So it improves the viewing experience of any page.

Easy to Organize the Data: - You can arrange the data into topics or categories according to your related content. In this, you can also sync the data across all your devices.

Online Dropbox Backup: - in this, Pocket automatically takes the backup of your wallet to your Dropbox account. So you have to one Dropbox account where you can take the back up of your data. HTTPS automatically encrypts the data in the Dropbox when anyone wants to hack your Dropbox account. So no one can access the data in the Dropbox without the master password.

Works Offline: - Pocket Apk Download works in the offline mode. There is no need of internet connection for accessing the saved links, articles, news story and so on. You can also set the option of Pocket only download when it is connected to Wi-Fi so that you can reduce the data usage.

Highlighted Interesting Data: - When you save articles, videos. Links according to your choice then Pocket will highlight the relevant items in your list. It arranges the data by topic, length, source so you can easily find it.

Use With Your Favorite Apps & Sites: - When you are browsing on the internet then pocket apk download allows you to save the content in it. You can save your data in your phone as well as in your computer system. Later on, after reading or watching your data you can send the articles, videos to your friend’s Pocket and also share the data on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Premium Pocket: - You can upgrade this Apk to Premium package. It is more powerful and unlocks a permanent library where you can save full-text, topic, tag articles and WebPages.

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