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Action launcher apk

In today’s fast mobile growing world, people are using Smartphone where the primary used operating system is Android. With Android, there come many launchers which make the mobile interface attractive and more usable. All these launchers are almost similar but the major difference is in the interface they provide and the ease of usability they have within them.

Action launcher apk download free

One of the best launchers which are very common in the Android world is the Action launcher APK. This launcher makes the interface of the Smartphone stunning and very cool and attractive. The interface customization is one of the features supported by the launcher which makes it more usable and most of the apps can directly and easily use with the help of the Action launcher APK. To make the interface better, there are many themes available along with multiple backgrounds and colors.
With this launcher, you can add a wealth of rich and attractive colors where customization is very cool along with many unique and enhancing features so that your home screen can become very bold and attractive and it will shine the way you want it to be.


Some of the standout features of the Action launcher APK which makes it different and unique from the other launchers are as follows:
  • You will get all the features of the pixel launcher. You can directly swipe from your dock and then the full screen will be revealed which will be the full screen all apps mode. You can easily tint the dock and there is a circular folder style available that can be easily used. The Google pill can be placed along with the data widgets and many more things. This feature is enabled by default and it’s available totally for free.
  • The quicktheme feature is an amazing and marvelous feature with which you can easily customize your home screen with the extravagant and colorful wallpapers.
  • The shortcuts of the apps can be used to directly access the apps that you need.
  • An app’s widget can be easily revealed by swiping the shortcut of the app. This feature is helpful to look at your inbox or directly read the facebook feed and you need not open the app.
  • The quick bar is available through which you can customize the search bar of the Google. You can place the apps and the shortcuts that you use frequently.
  • There is an option of quick-edit where you get an instant solution to alter the suggestion for the icons. You do not have to dig through the entire icon packs to check through.
  • The feature of smartsizing the icons let them automatically get placed according to the design of the material.
  • There are covers where you just need to tap on a cover to load an app. whenever you will swipe over a cover; the hidden folder will be opened that is being customized.
The Action launcher APK helps you in importing from the layouts which already exist like the Nova launcher or the Apex launcher etc.

How to use the Action launcher?

Using Action launcher APK is not a tough task. This app is a third party app with the help of which you can make your Smartphone look impressive and bright. Instant shortcuts can be easily added so that you can easily scroll down through the apps. The colors, background and the picture can be easily changed and made attractive. Just download the APK and then make it your primary launcher. Just restart the phone and you will be able to customize it according to your needs.
So, upgrade your app to the latest version and give your Smartphone a new and stunning look.
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