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Spotify apk

Spotify apk download free

Spotify apk download : Music is the oldest means of entertainment, even after centuries it remains the favorite of humans. Everyone loves to keep the collection of his or her favorite music with them. Earlier it was very difficult due to the physical space required to store records and magnetic tapes. Thanks to the technology it is easy for us to maintain our music library that too without using physical space. Internet and smartphone’s have brought great ease in our lives. Now you the entire database of millions of songs is just a finger touch away. Spotify is the app you can download and use.

Spotify Apk Download

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Spotify Apk Specifications 

Version RequiredAndroid 4.0.3+
Updated onAugust 10
Developer Spotify

What Spotify Apk Offers
Spotify is the online music streaming application which offers free streaming of music on mobile and tablet. With its premium features, you can also download your favourite songs. In free mode you can play songs, a particular artist or album or a playlist on shuffle mode same services you will get on your tablet. Spotify has a database of songs as big as 30 million. If you are a music nerd and do not Spotify does not have your favourite artist you can still play them by using “Local Files” option.

Spotify premium comes with more features. Premium mode allows you to download music for offline listening. In the premium account, you will get amazing sound quality. Option to play from your computer and you will not see irksome advertisements.

Spotify makes a playlist automatically. It analyses your playlist and music library to determine which songs you would suit you best. This weekly playlist feature is amazing, I have discovered many amazing songs through this feature. This feature makes Spotify unique. It releases on every Monday let you start your week with some amazing songs.
It's another feature is the playlist based on your mood. So you do not need to pick and create a playlist for each specific mood. Spotify has cherry picked collection of songs sorted based on the mood. Spotify running feature is another USP of the application. This features automatically changes the tempo of the song based on your speed of running. You can also change the tempo manually. Is collaborates with runkeeper to give you stats of your running such as pace and speed.

Spotify Apk Features

Streaming Quality
Spotify offers three streaming quality in Ogg Vorbis format. The three offered streaming qualities are Normal 96Kbits/sec, high at 160Kbits/sec and extreme at 320Kbits/sec. In the free account, you will automatically get the normal speed while in the premium account you have the liberty to choose which quality you want to listen. You can set to normal where Spotify automatically switch between streaming speed options according to your connection speed.
You can simply download it from the google play store, iOS App store or Spotify APK can be downloaded directly from the website of Spotify.
If you want to use for the online streaming purpose you can use it for free. Free mode is not actually free there is advertisement comes very often. For Premium account you can use the three month trial period for a total price of 99p. The standard price for Spotify is £9.99/month. In Spotify, you can opt for a family plan where you have to pay £14.99/month for up to five people which make it the cheapest. In Premium account you can download 3,333 songs on up to three devices. Spotify gives you the liberty to opt out from premium account whenever you want.

How to use Spotify Apk

  1. Download Spotify apk
  2. Then go to the root directory where apk is downloaded
  3. Now install the apk by providing the desired permission
  4. Signup for Spotify with the help of Facebook or your email and enjoy the music

    Bottom Line   

Spotify has very deep customization feature. It weekly playlist, custom stream speeds, and runkeeper collaboration makes it a unique music streaming app. With its reasonable price, it is a good application to pay.


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