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Sarahah apk

Sarahah apk download free

Sarahah apk download: Every then and now, we all have a gut feeling within us to go and shout loudly at our bosses to tell them and rude, boring and annoying they are. But since they are the bosses, we can’t go for it. Luckily, there is a person named as ZainAlabdin Tawfiq who has come to rescue for all of us. Yes, he is a developer from Saudi Arabia who has developed this amazing but quite strange app known as Sarahah app.



What is Sarahah?

It is an anonymous messaging app with the help of which you can send messages to anyone you wants with the amazing facility that the receiver won’t come to know who the actual sender is! LOL! This is the major reason why the app is going so viral today in the entire apps market. You can express any type of feeling to a person with an interesting fact that he or she wouldn’t and couldn’t know that who is the sender.
The meaning of the word ‘Sarahah’ which comes from Saudi Arab is honesty. The basic reason behind the creation of this service was to express out the feelings without fear. It is created so that employees could easily give their feedback to the employers at a higher level without at a risk of getting fired. Initially, the only website of Sarahah was launched but after looking at its success, the developer designed its mobile app as well on 13th of June this year in both iOS and the Android version.

How to use?

Just like all the other apps, you can download the Sarahah APK for android from Google Play Store. After the app is successfully downloaded and installed, it will ask to create an account or sign in. Fill all the required details like your username, email address, name and set a password as well. Unlike other apps, it is not going to ask your mobile number as the major motive is to hide the identity.
Once the registration is done, you will get a sarahah link like ‘’ where abc will be your user name. Now, you can easily share your links over the social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp etc. Also, you can copy this link and share wherever you want, no terms at all. Once anyone has got your link, he or she will be able to send you messages whether he is your friend on any network or not. It is not compulsory for another person to download the app for messaging you.
In order to send a message, the user needs to click on the available link. As soon as the link gets clicked, a text box will get opened where he or she can write a message. The user just needs to type the message and click on send. Whenever the receiver gets any messages, only text will appear without any name.


Does Sarahah resemble other messaging apps?

Sarahah is not like other regular messaging apps and hence it does not offer any other things except the task of sending the text messages to anyone from anyone. Within the app, you will only be able to see the tabs like search, explore, profile and messages.

Within the messages tab, you will find the options like the favorite, received and sent. You can block a user if you want after receiving a message or you can also favorite it out. The favorite tab allows you to see all your heart marked messages. There is a sent option where you can see all the sent messages. With the search tab, you can search for the people. The explore tab has not yet been activated and in future will have something really interesting.

Is Sarahah safe to use?

Till now, this app is a fun making an app which is entertaining people everywhere and this is the reason why it is going so viral. But you never know when this fun and the masquerading app can take another turn and get out of the control of users. It can anytime become as a theft type of app where the frauds can take advantages. So, it is advisable to use it with care and enjoy it with fun making only!

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