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Mini militia apk

Mini militia apk download

One of the most entertaining and the favorite game is the Mini militia doodle army 2 game. This game is available for both iOS and Android devices. For iOS, this game was released on 5th of April, 2011 and for Android, it was released on 18th of March, 2015. It is a multi player game where the major task is shooting within the army members. You can easily play it online. A person can combat up with a total of 6 players at a time. If you are playing with a local WI-FI hotspot, then there can be a total of 12 players playing together. In case you are a total addict for the shooting game, the mini militia is the best option. Among the teenagers, this game has gained significant popularity.
The game of mini militia can actually be compared with another famous game, counter strike. It is a game which is played in 2-d but actually gives a feel of 3-d view. This game has been invented by Appsomniacs LLC who is the developers of the famous games like Doodle Army Boot and the Doodle Army game. When you start playing the game, you will forget everything else and will enjoy it to the fullest. The major reason behind this is the look of the game. The game being played in different dimensions makes it feel as if everything is happening in a realistic environment.


To download the mini militia mod APK, Android version of 3.0 or above is required. Here are few other requirements of the mini militia APK which are required so as to download the game and play it on your device. Have a look at them below:
  • Phone status
This is required to get it compatible with your device.
  • Location
This is required so as to get the game connected to the nearest server while you are playing the game online.
  • Audio
This is required so as to play the theme music of the mini militia mode APK.
  • WIFI access
This is required so as to get the connection with the mobile hotspots of other people.
  • Internet access
This is the major requirement to get connected and play online.
  • Avoid sleeping mode in phone
If you want the game to move on continuously, then avoid it to go in the sleep mode.

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The mini militia mod APK all in one mega mod comes up with the features which are unlimited and make the game more enjoying and thrilling. Have a look at some of the interesting features available:
  • Unlimited ammo
Whichever gun you pick, you will never run out of the ammunition. There is no issue of the empty gun with this feature.
  • Unlimited JetPack
There are infinity boosters available with the help of which you can fly as long as you want without any hurdles.
  • Wall Hack
With these features, you can fly through the walls along with stones and from whichever way you want. You can even shoot through the walls.
  • Unlimited bombs
You are awarded infinite grenades of each and every category. So, use them and win the game.
  • Dual wield
You can take up any pair of the gun or weapon with a 7 x zoom which is by default.
  • One shot kill
With the one shot kill feature, you can easily kill anyone with just a single shot.
  • Battle Points
You will be having enough points so as to purchase different weapons and other products from the available stores.
  • Invisible mod
You can get yourself hidden from the other players of the game. You just have to turn on the invisible mod feature.
  • Magic zoom 7x
You can zoom up to a total of 7 X within all the weapons with the help of magic zoom 7 X. A default zooming capability is available in the game by default and the maximum to which you can zoom it is 7 X.
  • Fake your device
You can imitate your device to be some other device like iPhone or any other device. The others will be able to see it as iPhone only.
  • Gravity
You can float in the air as if there is no gravity available in the environment.
These are some of the excellent features of the game which definitely makes it an amazing game to play. Therefore, you should download the mini militia mod APK for once and see what the amazing and entertaining features of the game are.

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