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Fifa 16 Apk

fifa 16 apk download

Android team games are steadily getting better. Earlier, only puzzle games used to be enthralling whereas multiplayer games just had a place on the leader boards. Now the attention of youth and adults have been diverted to team games which involve team building strategies and fun while playing on their Android device like fifa 16. These games help us understand what the other person thinks and move accordingly in a group to win. So, if you are really looking for a game to play in a real time with your friends and colleagues then download fifa 16 apk now on your Android device.

How to get fifa 16 apk download free

Fifa 16 is one of the most popular multiplayer game which involves creating a football squad from thousands of players available to play online leagues and compete with other teams around the world. The previous versions of Fifa games were restricted to PC versions only but fifa 16 apk is a highly anticipated gift from FIFA to its Android users. You can enjoy a whole personalized football experience on your Android handset no matter wherever you are. In the beginning of the game, you would be given few packets of cards which will give you information about training plans, coaches, best players, leagues, top leader boards, contracts and much more. Through this post you will get all the information like specification, features and review of fifa 16 apk. You can also download fifa 16 android apk from our site.

Fifa 16 apk Screenshots

fifa 16 apk download screenshot

Fifa 16 apk Specifications

Fifa 16 apk features 

Build and manage your ultimate team
In the starting of the game, you need to earn and build a winning talented team with players such as Lionel Messi. Create your fantasy soccer team and manage it to win competitive leagues and challenges from players all around the world.
Player Exchange
Player Exchange is an exciting feature in which you can trade players you no longer need to unlock something better. You must know better the upgrades the better will be your performance.
Real World Football
This game features social networking within the game with the help of which you can join forces with your friends to win competitive leagues and challenges.  With this approach, you can create a bigger and deeper club which is the simplest method of taking your skills to whole different level.
Creative Attack Mode
Fifa 16 brings excitement and thrills for the players with its freshly launched creative attack mode. Before the start of the game, you can devise a strategy to play the game, for example, attack-heavy, defensive-minded, or a balanced approach to face the opponent's team. You would be given variable control options and Gesture controls to swipe towards the goal for the ultimate win.
Get a Taste of Live Events
What more good can be for a FIFA fan than getting a taste of Live FIFA events within a single application. You can get information about Live events and matches happening around the world through Live Events.
Conquer the world by winning Challenges
This game entails thrilling daily challenges, inter-league Championships, cooperative league achievements, etc. With your ultimate football team and right planning, you can conquer the whole world playing live matches with your friends or another team around the globe.
Authentic Football experience
This highly detailed game of superior quality provides a real world football experience with console like graphics. This game has improved console and HD graphics with smarter animations and gesture controls which let you experience the most realistic Football game ever.

How to install fifa 16 apk?

For fifa 16 android apk install follows the following steps:
Step 1:
Get the link to download FIFA 16 Android apk file fast, free and secure.
Step 2:
Allow installation from unknown sources by
Settings>Security>Unknown Sources> Allow.
Step 3:
The installation process will begin. After the installation is complete launch the game and enjoys the enthralling game.
Supported Android Versions:
  • KitKat
  • Lollipop
  • Android Marshmallow
Moreover, make sure your device has approximately 1.5 GB free space because the game is highly detailed with console like graphics.
Tips and Tricks to Win FIFA 16:
  1. All the players will work hard to maintain an impressive team so you must employ strategies with varied styles of distribution. Add texture to your moves and play slide-rule passes for strikers or wingers to chase and confuse them.
  2. Follow a good distribution technique of the passes and they must be less predictable. Switching of balls should have the high momentum to save capture by opponent team.
  3. Earn veteran players like John Terry and Xabi Alonso by completing Veteran Live Events. Better veteran players can help you win like God.
  4. Gaining control over the gestures and console is difficult for a new-bee so the more you practice more is your chances of winning. You can choose a daily challenge to learn the tactics and then apply them to the league matches.

Fifa 16 apk review

Fifa 16 apk review

Are you ready to play this ultimate team game wherever you are! download FIFA 16 Apk for android now to enjoy the most dramatic gameplay overhaul of this year.
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