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Clash of clans apk

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One of the amazing names in the list of most popular battle games is the clash of clans. It is a very popular game which is available on both Android and iOS version. The strategic world of the clash of clans will make you feel amazing once you enter into it. The clash of clans APK is easily available on the play store from where you can download it and play.
The clash of clans is a massively multiplayer online game which is being developed by the supercell. Thus, it is also called as MMO. This game is also known by the name, freemium game. This is because it is totally free to play. In some cases, you may have to pay a premium amount so as to use some gems and resources within the game.

How to get clash of clans apk download free?

Clash of clans free APK is available for free download. You can simply download it from the Google Play Store. After downloading it from the app store, you can join million of players all over the world. You can build your village and raise a clan to complete the entire epic war. With the clash of clans mod APK, you will get many new upgraded features. Some of these available features are as follows:
  • All the bugs have been fixed.
  • The cannon has been upgraded along with the archer tower and the inferno tower.
  • The new town hall 10 levels have been added along with discounts and balancing.
  • The bats have been brought out with the new night witch.
There are much more countable features available in the new version of the clash of clans APK.
Clash of Clans Mod APK allows a user with many powers with the help of which all the upgraded features can be enjoyed and that too at no cost at all.
When you have downloaded the clash of clans APK, then initially you will have to build your community. It is called as a clan. The next task is to train up all the troops and then attack over other plans. This is done so that you can win gold, dark elixir and the usual elixir. These things can later be used to again upgrade the troops and to rebuild the defenses. Also, training can be given with the help of this gold and spells can be made. A single player campaign is also available wherein you get the opportunity to attack the whole series of the goblin villages. This way you can earn more gold and elixir.

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Clash of clans apk download

Resources gained from the game
When you attack other clans within the game, you get the resources like a dark elixir, gold, and elixir. With the help of gold, you can upgrade the entire building of your community. So as to train all the troops, Elixir and the dark elixir are being used. For getting the barracks, the elixir is used and for the dark barracks, the dark elixir is being used. With the help of these barracks, the troops of different categories are being trained.

Clash of clans mod apk features

Some of the major features supported by the clash of clans mod APK are as follows:
  • This is absolutely free with no additional charges at all. You just have to download it and start playing.
  • With the mod feature, you can play the game with all the available features of the game whether the normal ones or the premium ones. There is the provision of unlimited gold and elixir which you can use inside the game to purchase whatever you want.
  • You will get all the upgrades for free and you can build up the best army and a fortress.
  • There are no silly pay walls available. With the clash of clans mod APK, you will only find the best part available.
  • You will get unlimited gems along with gold, elixir and the dark elixir.
  • It gets up an added feature of TH 11 simulation with the baby dragon.
  • The available sounds and graphics are of very high quality and desirable too.
  • There are new challenges available for every 20 to 30 minutes.
  • There is a snowy environment and a Christmas tree available so as to celebrate the Christmas Eve.
 When there are so many features available and that too in one of the interesting games, then what are you waiting for. Just download the clash of clans APK today and enjoy the game to its fullest. But remember, to get all the premium features for free, you will have to go with the clash of clans mod APK.

Clash of clans apk reviews

Clash of clans apk review

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