Friday, 29 December 2017

Nova Launcher Apk

Nova Launcher APK Download : The world of Android is blooming in the market like anything these days, wherever you see Android is everywhere. But the best thing that has ever happened to the Android is the Nova Launcher. It is one of the powerful and the most elegant launchers ever supported by Android which allows you to easily customize your home screen along with all the icons and the folders. The Nova launcher app does not have any substitutes for it and thus it is fully original. You will get all the material design embraced throughout the app. It comes out to be one of the highly customizable apps with the performance driven strategy.

How to get nova launcher download?

The Nova launcher app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. After installing it, press the home button where you will see the list of all the possible launchers. Tap the Nova launcher as your default launcher. It will then take over the home screen and all the app drawers. If you keep on pressing on the desktop for long, you can customize the settings. Then you can change the settings accordingly.

Some of the extra features of the Nova launcher get unlock only when you install the nova launcher prime. It acts as a license for the Nova launcher app. You can easily download nova launcher prime APK after going through the updates within the nova launcher.


The Nova Launcher APK comes up with many inbuilt features which make it amazingly popular among the Android users throughout the world. Some of the major supported features and functionality within the APK are as listed below:

1. Outstanding graphics quality
One of the biggest features which make Nova launcher different from the other ones is the quality of the graphics which is outstanding. From the biggest tasks to the simple actions of sliding a finger over the desktop gives an elaborative view of 3-d transitions which makes it so attractive.
2. Scrollable dock
All the favorite apps can be kept on the dock and each page can support up to seven icons with a maximum of 3 pages.
3. Customizable grid
The rows and columns can be easily configured so that all the apps and widgets can be fitted according to the need.
4. Infinite scrolling
There is an option of infinite scrolling and thus you can loop out through the entire desktop and land on whichever page you need.
5. Folder icons
You can choose the background according to your wish along with the preview style suited. Also, you can replace all the icons as and when needed.
6. Unlimited themes
You can get unlimited nova launcher themes for icons over the play store.
7. Amazing color controls
You can change the background color along with the color of icons; folders etc making the desktop look attractive and elegant.
8. Very fast
The Nova launcher app is very fast and optimized and can do all the work quickly and effectively. All the animations remain smooth and the phone can be used as fast as possible.
9. Importing of layout
You can easily import the earlier layouts without starting from the scratch.

Extra features

The Nova launcher prime 2017 APK provides you with some extra features which make the app more extravagant.
Working with gestures
Simple gestures like pinching, two fingers swiping, single swiping etc can quickly start any of the apps you want. Thus, it gives a feel of comfort and quickness.
App drawer
Within the app drawer, all the apps can be put into different tabs and folders.
Hide apps
The apps which are of no use can be hidden and this way the app drawer can be kept cleaner.
Just use the Nova launcher apk for once and you will yourself realize how useful the benefits and elegant features of this launcher are.


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