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Hola Launcher Apk

Hola Launcher Apk Download Free

Hola launcher apk download : Gone are the days of Java and Symbian operating system, this is the era of Android. When Google launched Android OS, it took the world by storm. An OS comes with unlimited possibilities of customization. Plenty of device manufacturer has developed their user interface with Android as the base operating system. Due to the vast possibilities of customization various app has been launched on the platform to customize the look and to make it even easier to operate the phone. Hola launcher is one such apk which will amaze you with its features.
Hola launcher apk provides customization as well as the optimization. Hola launcher apk has many features which allow you to customize your phone.  This vigorous application has themes and icons, wallpapers, add-on applications and widgets that also for free. It also gives you optimization tools Hola Boost and Game Boost which improves the performance of your system by cleaning cache and junks.

How to download hola launcher apk

You can download hola launcher apk from our site searchapks and google play store. The setup is only 5 MB which is quite light, the reason is that themes are not included with the launcher, you can download them later from Google Play Store. You can also download Hola launcher app from the website of the developer Hola launcher mod app is also available on the internet but we only encourage you to download the official app.
After the Hola launcher download and installation, you need to press the home button. Then it will ask for the permission, after selecting “Always” option Hola will take you through a learning cum setup tour.

Hola Apk Screenshots

Hola apk Specifications

Hola apk features

Hola is a launcher which you use in place of the interface comes with your phone. Therefore it ought to be good. Hola launcher apk is good enough to replace the default launcher. It has cool home screen fully customizable with cool widgets. It replaces the stock icon with a cool set of the icon. With eleven amazing animations for the transition. To make your phone look cooler you can download Hola themes which can be used with Hola Launcher. It has a special shuffle feature, can change your wallpaper by just one touch.  Hola Launcher clubs similar apps in a folder automatically, which you can also opt-out. You can navigate through folders, you do not have to come out of one folder to go to another folder. You just need to swap left or right.

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Hola boost and game boost features optimize the RAM of your phone. It also clear cache and junks which enhance the performance your phone. Same performance optimization is provided by game boost features. It automatically enhances your phone’s performance to give you better gaming experience.
You can also customize the lock screen with Hola lock screen. One option is battery status lock screen which enhances the recharge speed. The other is Hola smart lock screen which gives you the detail of RAM, Storage, and Battery on your lock screen along with weather forecast and time. But in both option, you will also get Adv on your lock screen. Opt for these lock screen if you are not annoyed with the adv. Privacy feature provides the facility to either lock or hides your apps. With the hide, apps feature you can hide apps from home screen. You will also have a windows phone like an alphabetically sorted menu.
Hola Gesture is another interesting feature which makes your phone more interactive, these are four gesture option which can be customized from the available options as per the convince of the user.

How to use hola apk?

It is Free but not free
The application is free to download and use. Developer makes application to earn, when the application is free the revenue is generated through the advertisements which can be annoying sometimes and sometimes can be very useful.

Hola apk review

hola launcher apk reveiw
Overall hola launcher is a must have application. It gives your phone a cool look and performance enhancement. It gives you great features like app lock, gesture, and widgets. All features in one app that too in as light as 5 MB.  Graphically it looks awesome. Set of cool animation and icon make it cooler. Overall this app is a great function to be added to your phone.

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