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Google now launcher apk

Google now launcher apk download free

Google now launcher apk download : Google has been a pioneer in bringing the revolution to the market ,especially when it comes to the phone, Google has just changed the entire phone business by introducing the Android OS for the phone. Since the launch of the Android Google is keep on changing the world of the smart phone. It is continuously introducing new technologies to make the android phones smarter. Making Android phone competent enough to give competition to the iOS.

The next thing which Google has launched is the Google Now Launcher, Google now launcher lollipop is the next thing new thing which is a milestone for google to go towards a new future. Future where phones are smarter and fast to serve you what you need even before you ask. Here we will do a simple google now launcher review to explain why you should install google now launcher on your phone.

Google Now Launcher Apk Download

The google now launcher has not much enhancing look. It is simple looking launcher with the home screen which is very similar to the default home screen of the phone but with an advanced voice search. When you press the home button, you will get an arrangement of the icon with a search app option at the top. Just below to the search option, you will see the four recently used application, serving a quick access for you. You can increase the pages in home screen and can access them by swapping to the right.




The most important feature you will get in google now launcher lollipop is The Google Now, those who do not know what Google Now is. It is the most advanced voice assistance you can have on Android phone. It is far better than the voice assistant you get on Samsung. Google Now is as fast and responsive as the Siri. Voice recognition of the Google Now app is fantastic. You might have the different experience on different accents, and that difference is minimum and justified. The response time of processing voice and showing results is exceptionally fast.
So the Google Now is not merely a voice search, it is your personal voice assistant, the faster, the smarter and the efficient one. You can initiate by just saying “Ok Google”. You can search anything from it like it is being done on Siri, from your meeting schedule to the weather. Everything will be on you “ok Google”.
Google now comes as a stock app on all android since July 2012 and Android 4.1, but now it is also available as a standalone application as Google Now Launcher so that you can also use it on the previous versions.
Google's personal assistant-cum-mind-reader
The Google Now Launcher is offering you the best, efficient and intelligent personal assistant. The personal assistant who knows you more than anyone else is just a right swap away. A right swipe on tinder will not give a competent partner as good as you get on with Google Now Launcher.  It customizes the information based on your activities on your phone. You just need to do a right swap and you will get all the information like a plate decorated with multi cuisine food. Though it serves you information by judging your activities, you can still customize the information manually in the google now launcher settings. There are various things you can customize in google now launcher settings like notification and feeds.

How to use ?

Google now launcher apk is available to download from our site or google play store, once you install and set it as your default launcher, it does an initial setup to connect the personal assistant with your Google account, in few seconds, The Google Now Launcher is ready to amaze you.


The google launcher app is unique because of the google now voice assistant and the advanced personal assistant, this is just another step towards a super intelligent smart phone with and super intelligent AI technology. The app will make your life easy with its Siri like advanced voice assistant. A must have for all Android phones. However, I think google now launcher update should come with some cosmetic update to make the launcher look cooler.

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